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14 August, 2011 21:14

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Vintage racing at Qualcom

Heat #2
1st Pat
2nd Gardner
3rd #13 Landlord Jim’s , didn’t get riders name
4th Mark Loveland
Main Event still to come

Main Event

Gardner takes 1st on his 500cc Triumph, Pat came in 2nd on his 350cc Honda followed closely by #13 (still need the name) on a I believe 175cc Honda.

Looking forward to the next event, If you watch from just outside the pit gate it’s free to enter the stadium parking lot!!!! Just in case you would like to watch.

There're off

Not enough ground clearance in the turns?





Having a good time.

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Great turn out of bikes and some nice cars too.

National City Automobile Heritage Day

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Sunday August 7th
We’ll be at Kimball Park, with Isaac’s Atlas and Jacie is bringing his Indian. Hope to see you there